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Company Background

Founded in 1993 KCS has an experienced staff of certified professionals with years of real-world experience to tackle your most difficult projects. They offer a wide range of solutions for your networking needs. Whether you want to install a new network, upgrade an existing system or need a skilled team to manage your network KCS has the resources to address your information technology needs. Whether you need full IT management, project work, consulting or system integration with third party software KCS has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. No job is too small or large.

KCS offers the full solution – hardware, software, installation, configuration, maintenance, management and remote system monitoring.

Walk-In computer repair and upgrade services for both residential and commercial customers are available at out Franklin Park headquarters. Fair and honest repairs at a reasonable price. All repair work is quoted before proceeding.




KCS Tech has been fixing servers, workstations, personal computers, and other technology for over 20 years while also creating lifetime partnerships with many of their clients.

Unfortunately, KCS Tech did not have a solution for capturing client feedback after their technology was fixed. Think about it – thousands of satisfied customers year after year, but no reviews to back it up. As a result, the company had few Google reviews with a less then stellar aggregate rating.

If the company wanted to expand in the digital realm, something needed to change.


KCS Tech was introduced to a team in Schaumburg IL who created a system for tripling five star reviews. After a 15 minute demo from the experts at MyReviewEngine, members of KCS Tech were hooked and wanted to implement the tool right away.

The staff at MyReviewEngine got straight to work, creating tools that allowed KCS Tech to improve their online reputation with relatively little effort. Within a few days, KCS Tech began to send out their first emails to past clients requesting a 5 star review.

The experts at MyReviewEngine got straight to work improving the reputation of Costa Rica Rios online. By examining Costa Rica Rios existing presence, they identified opportunities for improvement as well as threats that could negatively impact their business.

Targeting Facebook and Google reviews, MyReviewEngine staff sought to help the company create an online image that matched the experience they offer guests. Within a week they had a new tool set-up to send automatic review requests, monitor newly submitted reviews, and more.


Within a short period of time, KCS Tech’s Google reviews doubled from 8 reviews to 16, and also increased their aggregate score from 3.9 to 4.4.

Now, the company’s online presence better represents their reputation for excellence. By educating and assisting hundreds of clients per year, their online reputation will only continue to improve and elicit new leads that helps them grow their enterprise.

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  • Increased Costa Rica Rios’s 5 star reviews by 250% after launching their auto e-mail requests.
  •  Allowed the Costa Rica Rios team to easily add new clients to the system requesting a review.
  • Published a widget on their website to display 4 and 5 star reviews from various review sites.



  • Increased their reviews from 0 to 15 in just 7 days.

  • Strengthened CDL Real Estate’s position as the industry leader for training students to be licensed real estate professionals.

  • Bolstered their Facebook, Yelp, and Google ratings in just 2 weeks.


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