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Review Management Software

Triple your 5 star reviews from real customers. MyReviewEngine review management platform makes it easy to manage and monitor your online reviews on 100+ popular rating and review sites.

Review management software

Positive client feedback is the single most effective marketing strategy you can do for your company to quickly gain trust and credibility.

Your clients have to spread the good word about your reputation for you.

But, how?

It’s simple!  Utilize the best review software available on the market today.  Our features and benefits far surpass any competitor options, with 5-star customer service

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Obtain More Genuine Client Feedback

Search for and add over 100 of the top review platforms. BONUS: add custom links!

Build up your 5 star reviews on Google, AngiesList, RateaDentist, HealthGrades, Porch and other industry-specific platforms that matter to you.

Actively defend your reivews with a system that proactively catches unhappy customers for internal recovery.

Review management tool

Customize Your Email/SMS Message

Modify the default template to fit your business needs. HTML & CSS are allowed for further customization beyond just bold and underlined text.

When you are satisfied with the design, send yourself a test. Be sure your link(s) work and grammar is correct.

The 1st e-mail/SMS is sent immediately. Every correspondence thereafter can be delayed on your time frame.

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Automate Your Review Request Process

Add contacts using our opt-in form or import a CSV file; you can quickly and easily launch your auto e-mail sequence.

E-mails in your sequence will be auto-sent based on your set delayed schedule.

Sit back and watch your positive (and negative) reviews flow in.

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Observe and Respond

From one location and keep track of positive and negative statuses. No more managing multiple tabs to see everything.

Dynamically present positive reviews (all platforms) in a carousel or list format. No more copying and pasting.

Those on your team who needs notifying when new reviews are published either publicly or internally.

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Track Activity & Keywords

Aggregate Reviews
See your total number of reviews, average rating, and star value

See and scrutinize various reports and metrics for review activity during the last 90 days

View the most commonly-submitted words from your positive or negative comments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Proactive online review management is important for every business or healthcare facility because customers and patients are exposed to your ratings and reviews long before they land on your website, let alone in your office.

Given the impact online ratings and reviews have on the decision-making process, businesses that want to ensure a steady flow of new patients must ensure that offline realities are reflected online. With proper management, your online reviews can become a powerful driver of new customers.

Yes! Responding to submitted online ratings and reviews shows that you care about your their experience and feedback. After all, what does it say about your business if you don’t respond?

specially when the inevitable negative review is posted. Remember, responding to your online reviews is part of a successful online reputation management strategy.

Well, ask yourself this question:
Do you like having people talk behind your back spreading false rumors?

Or would you prefer to know that someone is just saying good things about your business? We’re going to guess that you’d choose the latter!

Monitoring your online reviews allows you to know exactly what people are saying about your business while giving you the opportunity to voice your appreciation. If you allow your reviews to go unchecked and unmonitored, it’s possible that your business could be hit with a slew of bad reviews about an easily fixable problem or concern in your customer experience or targeted by a fake review campaign. Make sure you’re routing real customers to leave a review about their great experience while effectively managing the comments that aren’t so great.

That’s a great question!

Our review management tool gives you complete control over what customers and/or patients see, where they publish their review, and how you display it.

You can also be notified whenever a new review is submitted (regardless if its a positive or negative comment), and e-mails can be catered to your liking before the first request is sent out.

“It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.”-Will Rogers

What’s the Good Word About MyReviewEngine?


“MyReviewEngine is a great tool for automating the review generation process and making it as easy as possible to add this source of content to the mix.” -Brandon M.


“MyReviewEngine is nicely put together. It’s quick and simple to set up your page, and it makes it simple for customers to post reviews.” -Hayley S.

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