Online Reputation: Theory vs. Reality

Creating and maintaining a strong online reputation is crucial in today’s business world. More people use the internet to communicate and share information about businesses and services in a faster and more permanent manner than typical word-of-mouth. However, some business owners underestimate the importance of maintaining a strong reputation via online reviews. Learn about these false expectations and how reality contradicts them so you can take advantage of a strong online reputation.


Not Everyone Is on the Internet

Yes, it’s true that not every single one of your clients is connected online. Older demographics are less likely to use the internet. However, even these customers are learning to use it as part of their daily routine, which includes finding businesses online and leaving behind their thoughts on the quality of the services and products. Ignoring the potential for online visibility is a great mistake that can cost you potential clients.


My Business Is Already Successful

Even though your company is already thriving, there are always more opportunities for growth. Positive online reviews can reach potential new customers and expand your overall clientele. Most business owners strive to increase their client base, and a strong online reputation built on positive reviews can lead to significant growth, particularly for small business owners without a reliable online presence.


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My Customers Are Always Satisfied

Your customers may always appear happy with the services you provide. But there is a strong chance that there are unexpected areas of improvement they may not share directly. Without an online review system for your business, you may not have the chance to address these areas and improve the way you operate the business. Additionally, if the customer has truly enjoyed your services, online reviews are an effective way to communicate that satisfaction and recommend it to other prospective consumers. A system that encourages and makes it convenient for the customer to post a review increases the chances of positive reviews coming out and boosting the online reputation of your business or company.


Online Reviews Are Unreliable

Sometimes, malicious agents or troublemakers will post false negative reviews for a variety of reasons, even if they have not used the services. Unfortunately, potential customers will almost always trust the opinions of other users and reviewers, and they have no way to vet any false reviews from genuine ones, thus harming the business’s online reputation. Therefore, paying attention to online reviews is crucial, as a proper system can distinguish and report these fake reviews from the other ones.


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Responding to Reviews Is Not Worth the Trouble

Some business owners may think that directly engaging with online reviews is more trouble that it’s worth, but it actually can help your online reputation if handled correctly. Whether you handle the task yourself or delegate it to a specialist, direct engagement with positive and negative reviews is an excellent opportunity to show that you value the customers. Plus, it provides an opportunity for improvement. Thank the customers for their input and ask them about their experience, what aspects they liked the most and the least, etc.



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