Protect Your Online Reputation by Proactively Managing Your Reviews

Online reviews aren’t always fair, but they are usually the first thing a potential customer looks at before working with a new business. In fact, 90% of customers read reviews before reaching out to a business. Unfortunately, many people think that once a negative review hits Google or Yelp, there’s not much left to do but hope for a positive one to come along. The good news is that businesses can proactively manage their customer reviews to protect their online reputations and their business. If you’re unsure about your company’s online reviews, take a moment to run through the My Review Engine business reputation report.


How Do Reviews Protect My Company?

Modern companies live and die by their ability to evolve with changing markets, consistently reach new customers, and offer valuable interactions to those customers. However, some things are seemingly beyond their control, like customer reviews. Many online shoppers don’t only view a company’s best reviews; they also go out of the way to find the worst reviews, looking for a “worst case scenario” in the event they decide to do business with a brand. Modern business owners need to know how to mitigate negative reviews (or ideally, prevent them entirely) while incentivizing customers to leave more positive reviews.

Try the My Review Engine business reputation report tool to gauge the health of your company’s online reputation. We scan the internet for reviews about your business from various websites and review aggregates to develop a comprehensive report of your company’s online reputation. This tool is an effective springboard for helping you identify the areas of your business operations that may be negatively impacting your online reputation.


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Building Strength From Customer Reviews

My Review Engine will help your company avoid negative reviews and gain more positive ones. You will never be able to please everyone, and some customers may simply be negative due to poor past experiences or specific circumstances beyond your control. However, earning higher numbers of positive reviews will greatly offset the occasional negative review.


In addition to helping your business earn more positive reviews, My Review Engine can also provide real-time review monitoring, helping you address customer issues and create better customer experiences faster and more efficiently. When you become a member of My Review Engine, you can send straightforward requests to your customers, inviting them to leave reviews of your company.

Once the customers respond, you will have the chance to gauge customer intent and address their individual concerns. When a customer leaves a positive, high score review, they will have the chance to share their review across social media, potentially drawing more customers to your platform thanks to the strong positive recommendation from the happy customer who left the review.

If a customer leaves a negative or middling review, the My Review Engine system will prompt the customer to tell you a bit more about his or her experience, allowing you to effectively curate the reviews posted about your company and provide your customers with better experiences. Become a member of My Review Engine today and start cultivating a stronger online reputation.


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