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Word of mouth is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising. In the online world, customer reviews are a form of word-of-mouth advertising.

When people are considering a product or a company with which they have little experience, they want to see what other people’s real reviews and opinions are to gauge whether it is worthwhile or not.

Unfortunately, online reviews are not quite as trustworthy as word of mouth. Prospective customers probably do not know the online reviewers. To make matters worse, fake reviews have become a growing problem for online markets.


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The Fake Review Threat

With specially designed programs and software, computer hackers can leave fake reviews for businesses, which can jeopardize not only a company’s SEO ranking, but its very livelihood.

In one case, Google spent several days going through accounts and cleaning out fake accounts that had left thousands of fake reviews for a lot of small- and medium-sized businesses. At least 257 businesses received the fake reviews, and the average fake account had left 81,000 ratings over a brief period. One business owner received 22 reviews, without comments, in the space of a single hour.


Triple Your Online Reviews in Just Weeks

real reviewsAfter incidents like this, it is clear that every business needs to protect its online profile and reputation. My Review Engine provides exactly that service.

It is an automated program that sends out requests for a review to the email of your customers after you collect their information. It even sends out up to two follow ups if the customer does not respond to the first request, which has been shown to increase response rates by up to 280%.

What’s more, you can discriminate between positive reviews, which will post on your business’s site, and negative reviews, which will be sent only to you. When a customer gives you a low rating, they are prompted to explain why and our program sends you this information directly.

Don’t let your real reviews drown in a sea of fakes. Check out My Review Engine today and see what our program can do for you!


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