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We’ve helped Skypoint Medical Boost their reviews!

Company Background

Skypoint Medical Center is a full-service primary care facility that serves patients in Schaumburg, IL and the nearby Chicago suburbs. The range of conditions that Skypoint’s primary care covers includes general physical exams, hypertension, diabetes, food allergies, lung conditions, and STDs. Skypoint also provides medical treatment for varicose veins, acne and other skin issues, back pain, immigration medical exams, worker’s compensation, motor vehicle collisions, and more.
Skypoint also helps patients lose weight with their own special programs. A go-to place for primary care and other issues in the last decade, Skypoint’s medical services are unrivaled




Despite the doctors seeing hundreds of patients that were satisfied with their care each week, Skypoint Medical was losing out on earning 5-star reviews from each patient.

Skypoint lacked a reliable and efficient service that encourages their patients to submit their reviews after each visit. Because of this fact, Skypoint’s online reputation suffered due to a lack of reviews and exposure, which contrasted with their high customer volume.

The staff wanted to improve their reputation and gain online presence to attract more patients. Unfortunately, Skypoint was stuck without a solution or manpower to begin this process.


A referral pointed the doctors at Skypoint to MyReviewEngine.com, a tool by a local company that promised to increase their online presence and improve their reviews.

Fascinated, they contacted the staff at MyReviewEngine to look for a solution. The experts at MyReviewEngine suggested combining Skypoint’s existing patient portal with a review platform. By integrating the two systems together, the new system would automatically grab patient info and place it in an auto-email sequence that would request a review from those contacts.

Skypoint’s team would no longer spend time exporting a recent list of patients, nor would they be required to manually add the contacts. By choosing MyReviewEngine, Skypoint Medical would have the power to send review requests for each patient, display positive reviews from various platforms on their website, receive daily review monitoring emails, and more!


Within one week of launching the review platform, Skypoint was able to double the number of Google reviews.

Currently, Skypoint has a 4.3-star presence on Google based on 60 customer reviews. The positive reviews in their website also boosted the appeal of both their website and their business. These changes, combined with recent e-mail marketing campaigns, resulted in a 210% increase of patient appointments for various services.

Thanks to MyReviewEngine’s tools and advice, Skypoint’s online reputation not only matches its quality patient care, but it also improves the medical center’s real-life reputation. Now, the Skypoint staff can focus on caring for their patients, while MyReviewEngine’s automated system brings new patients in.

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