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CDL Real Estate Academy

URL: www.cdlrealestateacademy.com

Company Background: CDL Real Estate Academy, based in Chicago IL, is a team of professional instructors who train and nurture students to become licensed in real estate. The academy offers services to both those seeking initial licensure, as well as those who require ongoing education to maintain their credentials.

CDL Real Estate Academy has multiple classroom settings throughout the Chicago Metro area which has allowed its instructors to reach additional people dreaming of becoming a licensed professional. The instructors have decades of experience in real estate and 10 offices located throughout Chicagoland. They’re capable of reaching millions of people and providing essential services to both novice and experienced real estate professionals.


Challenge: CDL Real Estate Academy has been instructing students for over five years passing hundreds of students in said time frame. Word of mouth allowed new students to connect with CDL’s teacher’s to study and grow under their supervision.

Unfortunately, CDL did not have a method for capturing student feedback after they successfully completed the required course(s). Think about it – hundreds of students becoming a licensed real estate professional each year, but no reviews to back it up. As a result, the company had few Google reviews to tout their experience and success rate in training professionals.

Similarly, their Facebook and Yelp rating did little to reflect their popularity and ability to deliver services all over the Chicagoland area. If the company wanted to expand in the digital realm, something needed to change.


Solution: CDL Real Estate Academy instructors were introduced to a team in Schaumburg IL who devised a system for tripling five star reviews. After a 15 minute demo from the experts at MyReviewEngine the instructors were hooked and wanted to implement the tool right away.

The staff at MyReviewEngine got straight to work, creating tools that allowed CDL Real Estate Academy to improve their online reputation with relatively little effort. Within a few days, CDL Real Estate Academy began to send out their first emails to former students requesting them to submit a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.


Results: Within the period of 7 days, CDL Real Estate Academy’s Google reviews dramatically increased from 0 reviews to 15, and a few weeks later than number rose to 21 5-star reviews. The instructors were also able to ‘pull in’ reviews from other platforms (i.e. Facebook, Yelp) and display them on the CDL website.

Now, the company’s online presence sufficiently represents the reputation for excellence the instructors were able to cultivate by offering superior real estate education services to their community. By educating and graduating hundreds of students per year, their online reputation will only continue to improve and elicit new leads that helps them grow their enterprise.

Due to the increase in 5 star reviews, CDL Academy was able to increase their staff size to reach more students, and open additional locations.

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   Success Stories
> Costa Rica Rios
> Skypoint Medical Center
> Chicago Controls

> Increased Costa Rica Rios’s 5 star reviews by 250% after launching their auto e-mail requests

> Allowed the Costa Rica Rios team to easily add new clients to the system requesting a review

> Published a widget on their website to display 4 and 5 star reviews from various review sites

> Accumulated Google’s positive feedback rating from a 0 rating to 5.0 in just one week (minimum 8 reviews)

> Strengthened Chicago Controls’ position as the industry leader for tamper-resistant thermostats for residential and commercial properties

> The growth of positive Google reviews increased online orders by 30% within just two weeks

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