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Company Background: Costa Rica Rios is a team of all-inclusive adventure vacation guides aimed at providing a world-class vacation experience. Tourists can enjoy the unspoiled beauty, wildlife, and beaches that Costa Rica has to offer with the convenience of a guide or they can opt to explore the region by themselves.

Most vacationers choose a combination of the two. An expert teams of guides created dozens of adventure vacation activities utilizing land, air, and water to create unique experiences, from zip lining over rain forest tops to whitewater rafting to a lodge hidden within the wilderness. Due to the large number of amenities available, Costa Rica Rios is one of the top 5 destinations in the world providing a world class honeymoon and romance packages for newlyweds.


Challenge: Despite having hosted thousands of families for week long adventures, and having hundreds of newlyweds come through their doors, Costa Rica Rios did not have a reliable method for sending, receiving, or displaying positive reviews.

As a result, the company had very few Google reviews, which directly impacted their online reputation. Additionally, their Facebook page did not have enough traffic to reflect the sheer volume of visitors that the company entertained each year. The company wanted to improve their online reputation in an effort to get more bookings and requests for information regarding their trips. Overall, they wanted their online presence to reflect the world-class experience they offer to guests.


Solution: The staff at Costa Rica Rios stumbled upon MyReviewEngine.com where they got hooked on the video explaining how the platform works. They contacted the staff at MyReviewEngine and asked for more information.

The experts at MyReviewEngine got straight to work improving the reputation of Costa Rica Rios online. By examining Costa Rica Rios existing presence, they identified opportunities for improvement as well as threats that could negatively impact their business.

Targeting Facebook and Google reviews, MyReviewEngine staff sought to help the company create an online image that matched the experience they offer guests. Within a week they had a new tool set-up to send automatic review requests, monitor newly submitted reviews, and more.


Results: Within a week of launching the review tool, Costa Rica Rios was able to earn a dozen new reviews from past clients on both Google and Facebook platforms. Their online reputation increased significantly as a result.

Currently, Costa Rica Rios has a 5 star presence on Google based on 69 customer reviews and a 4.9 on Facebook based on the opinions of 174 people. MyReviewEngine’s tools helped Costa Rica Rios significantly improve their online reputation, such that it reflected the superior experiences they work hard to provide guests.

Best of all, staff at Costa Rica Rios only have to worry about providing the same customer service they always have, as the processes provided by MyReviewEngine are automated.

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