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Lloyd Agencies

URL: www.lloydagencies.com

Company Background: Lloyd Agencies is an exclusive benefits provider, American Income Life is a member of Torchmark Corporation a financial services holding company listed on the New York stock exchange.


Challenge: Lloyd Agencies had been requesting people fill out a review sheet and would send 30-50 of these completed (scanned) to a partner company to publish on their site.

This process took a lot of time and effort to not only convert handwriting into readable text online, but also link an accompanying PDF.  Unfortunately, Lloyd Agencies did not have a simpler workflow for capturing feedback after a training session. Think about it – dozens of people going through a program, but lacking the Google reviews to back it up.


Solution: Members of Lloyd Agencies were introduced to a review platform, and after a 30 minute demo from MyReviewEngine they were eager to implement the tool right away.

The staff at MyReviewEngine got straight to work, creating tools that allowed Lloyd Agencies to not only improve their online reputation with relatively little effort, but also better their Google aggregate rating. Within a few days, Lloyd Agencies began to send out their first emails in order to build 5 star reviews.


Results: Within 6 months, Lloyd Agencies’s Google reviews dramatically increased from 108 reviews to 538 (a 350% increase!!) and increased their aggregate score a full point in the same time frame.

Now, the company’s online presence better represented the reputation for Lloyd Agencies.  They also no longer needed to scan and send PDFs to their partner company; MyReviewEngine’s tool automatically pulled new 4 and 5 star reviews and placed them on their website in a beautifully designed stream.

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   Success Stories
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> Increased Costa Rica Rios’s 5 star reviews by 250% after launching their auto e-mail requests

> Allowed the Costa Rica Rios team to easily add new clients to the system requesting a review

> Published a widget on their website to display 4 and 5 star reviews from various review sites

> Accumulated Google’s positive feedback rating from a 0 rating to 5.0 in just one week (minimum 8 reviews)

> Strengthened Chicago Controls’ position as the industry leader for tamper-resistant thermostats for residential and commercial properties

> The growth of positive Google reviews increased online orders by 30% within just two weeks

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